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All pricing excludes VAT

  • Startup Plan

    Are your volumes low?

    We offer a startup plan at 50% discount on all users licenses.

    The startup plan still has full functionality, with the only limitation being that you can have a max of 50 debtors.

    There is no time limit...stay on this plan for as long as it suits you.

  • User Licenses

    From User Count Cumulative price per user per month
    1 to 15 R600
    16 to 30 R575
    31 to 45 R550
    46 to 60 R500
    61 to 75 R450
    76 to 100 R400
    101+ R300
  • SMSs

    Your SMS usage is billed at the end of each month, based on your usage for the month.

    Month Usage Price applied for the month
    up to 2999 40c
    up to 4999 35c
    up to 24999 31c
    up to 49999 27c
    more than 50000 23c
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